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    Hoi mates!



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    Hoi mates!

    Post by BeelzebuB on Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:18 pm

    1. How long You play L2 already and how much time u spend in L2 per day (if everyday),
    2. On what servers did u play before and what were their rates and member of which clans u were there
    3. What max lvl and what best eqipment u reached on those servers,
    4. Your age,
    5. Your class, current lvl and ingame nick.
    6. Where are you from.

    First of all hi. Laughing. My name is Antonis.

    1. I have a big experience in L2 servers. I prefer low rate server but i had played on high rate pvp servers in the past.
    2. I stopped l2 at the beggining of interlude chronicle. The most known l2 server that i played those days was BNB. I started play again l2 1 year ago at raidfight, that was my first experience on HF server. At raidfight i was on AXAIOII clan.
    3. On raidfight my main char is SWM max lvl with skull dagger +6 pvp and moi mw full +6 set.
    4. I am 21 years old.
    5. On this server, finally, i choosed to play dominator. Atm i am 55 lvl and my nickname is Beelzebub (beelzebub is another name for devil and i think that suits perfect on domi coz is dark mage with all this debuffs Razz )
    6. I am from Greece.

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